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ESA DREAM is a non-profit foundation that funds the focused programs listed below.  ESA DREAM focuses on Health, Body and Soul through fitness and art.  While exercise and health promote optimum body function, the arts heal the conscious and sub-conscious mind.  This is what we know for sure.  We have two hubs!  Our wellness hub, ESA Fitness is located in the downtown Myrtle Beach redevelopment district.  The ESA Fitness drawing power will be the  Juice Crush juice bar, gym membership, yoga, dance cardio, galactic evening workout events, relaxing sidewalk bistro seating, reading materials on health and natural healing, outside events and classes on health and fitness. Our arts hub, Dream House Theatre is located in North Myrtle Beach where all of our theatricals, concerts and Leadership Training will take place.  Dream House Theatre is the art house and local platform for local artist aspiring to be a part of the theatre, dinner show scene, and creative development.


To extend the life span of mankind by putting him in the best physical state while elevating the soul to a healthy place with art.

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